The ALDREN project is expected to support directly EU initiatives and Directives (EED, EPBD) by consolidating, extending and implementing the EVCS policy instrument (EPBD Art.11(9)) along the deep renovation process. The ALDREN solutions being offered are:

a harmonized energy performance rating methodology based on the European Voluntary Certification Scheme (EVCS) verified by measurements to increase comparability, confidence and market uptake by standardized solutions (CEN/ISO standards) at European scale;

associating low energy renovation with high quality indoor environments to trigger renovation and to promote solutions supporting health and comfort;

aligning market recognition of high quality with enhanced building value (financial tools) and capacity building. These mechanisms are to contribute to the development of innovative financing instruments, integrating loans with differentiated interest rates, establishing business case for deep renovation to motivate private investment.

The ALDREN committees

The ALDREN Alliance will be formed and managed from the very beginning of the project, gathering the relevant target groups and key actors of the deep renovation process.

The ALDREN followers will get the information on the progress of the ALDREN project, will have the possibilities to give feedback via the ALDREN Website but they will not directly contribute as the ALDREN Alliance.

The ALDREN content

The overarching ambition of the ALDREN initiative is to consolidate, promote and implement an extended harmonized procedure, based on the European Common Voluntary Certification Scheme for non-residential buildings (EVCS) and a set of relevant instruments, in order to support building deep renovation operations, all along the process, tackling its organizational, financial and technical components issues.

The ALDREN activities

The ultimate objective of the ALDREN project is to combine, adapt and implement ALDREN procedures in existing procedures to overcome the technical, organizational and financial market barriers and promoting deep renovation of building European wide. The procedures set up in the ALDREN project will be combined in a step-by-step deep renovation approach, from the collected data to the final actual assessment, from the renovation strategy to its implementation.


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