ALDREN – ALliance for Deep RENovation in Buildings – is a European project funded by the European Union in the scope of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program. Eight European partners are working together to increase the rate and quality of building energy renovations:

ALDREN targets and supports investments in deep renovation, encouraging key Building stakeholders to contribute to the “Renovation wave” that has been recently announced in the European Green Deal. To be efficient, the Green Deal will have to be consistent from the political top level to the identification of relevant renovation actions by owners and consultants, investment decisions from the financial sector and application on the field by qualified building professionals. ALDREN proposes a transparent, consistent, common EU wide assessment framework to trigger more ambitious renovation projects through the inclusion of improved sustainability metrics in certifications and the use of decision-support protocols and tools.

What are the main outcomes of ALDREN for building renovation stakeholders?

ALDREN’s flexible structure can fulfill the needs of different stakeholder groups allowing:

  • To conduct a reliable assessment of the actual current energy performance and indoor environmental quality of a building and provide a prediction of future energy performance after implementation of energy-related investment
  • To benchmark this performance and quality on a European scale, offering a comparison with similar building assets within a given building stock or in other European countries. (.
  • To ensure along the deep renovation process that energy and IEQ performance predictions are as realistic as possible, that the construction and commissioning process is true to the design intent, and to allow the predicted performance to be verified through measurements.
  • To identify and prioritize the most relevant renovation actions over time from both a technical and financial perspective, avoiding lock-in effects with proper planning of main renovation steps.
  • To translate the benefits of energy renovation actions on health & well-being and financial value – hence limiting obsolescence risks and increasing the attractiveness of renovated building assets.
  • To provide consistent and holistic sustainability metrics as eligibility criteria for investment.

To conclude

The ALDREN framework is a major contribution allowing the Energy performance (EP) assessment of buildings to:

  • Be comparable all over Europe;
  • Be reliable (expectation should be reached in reality);
  • Improve health & well-being (indoor air quality, climate change resilient buildings);
  • Define roadmaps to nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB);
  • Favor communication between all involved stakeholders;
  • Provide indicators and common metrics for financial support and risks analysis to achieve EU climate targets.



Mathieu Rivallain, CSTB

The ALDREN common language

Mathieu Rivallain, CSTB

The ALDREN opportunities for stakeholders

Mathieu Rivallain, CSTB

The ALDREN market uptake

Mathieu Rivallain, CSTB

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