ALDREN has been built on the observation that nobody can trigger deep renovation alone, while there is a lack of building retrofits in the EU that incorporate significant and actual improvements in energy performance. The successful implementation of the ambitious European and national energy and environmental renovation objectives will require that the whole implementation chain, from the legislative level (the EU institutions), where the objectives are defined, to the implementation on field by qualified professionals becomes coherent, consistent, transparent.

ALDREN’s overarching aim is therefore to raise confidence in deep energy renovation and prepare the ground for more investment, answering the needs from key stakeholder groups involved in the renovation implementation chain. Thereby, ALDREN seeks to overcome main market barriers:

  • The lack of a holistic strategy to design, prioritize, finance and implement energy renovation actions over time while energy savings alone rarely trigger renovation projects;
  • The lack of a strong relationship between key stakeholder groups of the Building sector;
  • A limited confidence of building professionals and stakeholders in the actual performance and quality of energy-related renovation actions;
  • Difficulties ensuring a consistent integration of subsequent renovation actions over time

The identified barriers show there is a need for a common language to be shared between the stakeholders of the implementation chain. Therefore, the ALDREN approach has been defined and consolidated through a collaboration with main building stakeholders, the so-called ALDREN ALLIANCE.


An ALDREN Alliance has been set up to better specify their needs and reflect them in high quality protocols. Interactions between the ALDREN Consortium and the ALDREN Alliance have also allowed to raise awareness on the co-benefits related to deep energy renovation and to the use of harmonized, reliable and transparent European performance ratings and reporting tools. The ALDREN Alliance has set up an efficient vehicle for future cooperation and communication of stakeholders beyond the project duration.


The following entities support ALDREN project by participating in some of the activities. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, they interact with the team to provide information, encourage debate and support to disseminate the project’s outcomes, during the life of the project and even after its formal completion in 2020.

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