ALDREN teaser video

In this TEASER VIDEO, members of the ALDREN consortium and some of their main supporters tell you what the ALDREN project consists of.


ALDREN is a methodological framework that implements the EVCS, with 4 standalone modules (Energy ratings, Energy verification, Comfort & well-being, Cost & value & risk) and 2 reporting tools (European Voluntary Certificate, EVC, and Building Renovation Passport, BRP)

REHVA Journal

Quickly wrap your mind around the ALDREN methodology thanks to the REHVA Journal special issue ALDREN project (August 2020)

ALliance for Deep RENovation in buildings

Encouraging investment and accelerating the movement towards a nearly zero energy non-residential building stock accross the EU


There is a need for a common language to be shared between the stakeholders of the implementation chain. An ALDREN Alliance has been set up to better specify their needs and reflect them in high-quality protocols.

Modules & Tools

ALDREN is a methodological framework consisting of 4 standalone MODULES to assess the energy performance, Indoor Environmental Quality, and financial value of buildings, and 2 reporting TOOLS (EU Voluntary Certificate, Building Renovation Passport)


ALDREN’s methodology has been explicitly demonstrated and implemented on a set of buildings (offices, hotels), concerned with deep renovation, and located in Spain, France, Slovakia, Italy, and United Kingdom



ALDREN Final Conference

ALDREN is an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project aiming at establishing the business case for deep renovation in non-residential buildings with a focus on offices and hotels. The 3-year programme which started in November 2017 intends to encourage investment and accelerate...

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