On October 2020 the Commission issued the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/2155 establishing an optional common European Union scheme for rating the smart readiness of buildings.

Based on the proposed SRI methodology, CSTB and ENBEE worked together to integrate the SRI assessment and indicator in the ALDREN EPC.

The integration of the SRI in the ALDREN EPC focused on:

• the harmonisation of the data structure / collection (Inspection protocols) with the whole EPC;

• the work out of recommendations (clustering potential upgrades in “action packages”).

The experience shows that to be efficient and successful, the SRI should not be implemented as stand- alone action, or simply added as supplementary indicator in an EPC.

Synergies with other EPC indicators should be worked out, for example with the energy calculation in EN ISO 52000-1.

This would allow to complete the actual qualitative SRI approach by the quantification of the SRI impact.


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