After an intense data gathering campaign and energy audits “Les Dunes Comodoro Hotel”, one of the pilot buildings located in the Valencian Region and member of HOSBEC association, has been already tested through the ALDREN methodology. Energy Efficiency and Health and Wellbeing modules have been applied to elaborate the necessary renovation “roadmap” for the next 20 years, which goes from improving the façade thermal performance to the installation of smart operation systems, through the installation of Photovoltaic panels to satisfy part of the energy demand.

The first results are satisfactory, reaching energy savings up to the 60% compared to the existing building. This energy performance improvement is achieved through the organization of different levels of renovation where all the Energy Renovation Actions are managed depending on their economic and functional impact. Therefore, several measures have been implemented such as the DHW system replacement to a more efficient Heat Pump set, the HVAC system and control renewal, LED lighting, more efficient kitchen appliances, new elevator engines, windows replacement…

To run the ALDREN procedure, a detailed energy audit was performed collecting all the required information. Meetings were organized with the building manager and the building operation and maintenance team. The documents mentioned in the data collection checklist were gathered and studied to extract the needed inputs:

The energy rating methodology was carried out, confirming an energy performance efficiency that can be improved. The measured energy consumption is compared to the energy consumption evaluated in the building energy modelling and simulation in order to validate its services efficiency and controls. Actual occupancy was defined to calibrate the model and conduct a fair comparison.

It has also been carried out the evaluation of indoor environmental quality. Existing available data and on-site measurements were used to assess air quality and thermal, acoustic and light comfort. The results show that important improvements can be performed in terms of acoustic, ventilation and thermal comfort.

These results are consistent with ALDREN deep renovation goals. Financial indicators will also be evaluated allowing to demonstrate the combined benefits of an ambitious renovation process.

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