The third project meeting of ALDREN was held in Lecco (Italy) on the 9th, 10th and 11th of October. The Polytechnic University of Milan, as host of the meeting, organized an information session for two prestigious entities in the region: ANCE Lombardia and the Association of Engineers of Lecco province.
It was attended by Andrea Pastori and Gianluigi Meroni who showed their interest in the ALDREN procedure and its main objectives.

The ALDREN project wants to involve relevant target groups and key actors of the deep renovation process, in order to to work out the consolidation and articulation of the overall ALDREN procedure, in a business perspective, all along deep renovation projects development.

To this end, ALDREN partners organize several meetings and information sessions, such as the one recently held by CSTB with RICS France or IVE with the Diputación de Valencia and POLIMI is going to meet the UNICREDIT bank (Lombardy Regional office) to collect feedback even from their side.

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