Recently, the European Union Building Stock Observatory accepted to support the Alliance for Deep Renovation in Buildings offering its knowledge, experience and technical knowledge to further develop the Building Passport.

The EU Building Stock Observatory monitors the energy performance of buildings across Europe. It assesses improvements in the energy efficiency of buildings and the impact of this on the actual energy consumption of the buildings sector overall. It tracks many different aspects including energy efficiency levels in buildings in individual EU countries and the EU as a whole, different certification schemes and how they are implemented, financing available for renovating buildings energy poverty levels across the EU.

Framed inside the EVCS (European Voluntary Certification Scheme), ALDREN´s  Energy Performance Certificate aims to ease international data sharing regarding renovation on non-residential buildings and offers foundations that will allow the State Members of the EU to communicate using the same protocols, what will make a difference over the quality of the existing building market in terms of financing accessibility and more sustainable practices on the building sector.

ALDREN will perform different pilot projects all over Europe in order to implement its methodology and generate enough data to feed BSO database offering, to anyone interested, all the available information. We are convinced this new strategic alliance will be very profitable and will continue working to increase the family so… let´s go ALDREN!

Will keep you posted.

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