CEN-CE, ALDREN and EPB Center teams participated in REHVA 13th HVAC World Congress 2019, specifically during REHVA, EPB Center, EVIA and EPEE workshop on 27 May, 15h30 – 18h00.

More than 1000 participants & attendees coming from more than 40 countries, and more than 50 sponsors, exhibitors and workshop organizers have made of this 13th CLIMA edition a very well attended and successful world congress. The first CLIMA was organized in Milano 1975.

This was a very timely discussion within the revised EPBD transposition process for supporting the dissemination and roll-out of the set of Energy Performance of Building (EPB) Standards. For more details please check the programme and slide deck links below:


Video 1: Jaap HOGELING – Welcome and introduction

Video 2: Pau GARCIA AUDI – The promising prospect of EPB standards and the revised EPBD

Video 3: Jaap HOGELING – Introduction to the roll-out of the set of EPB standards

Video 4: Iuliana CHILEA – The national implementation process of the EPB standards in Romania

Video 5: Dick VAN DIJK – EN ISO 52016-1 Energy need and indoor temperatures calculation: hourly or monthly?

Video 6: Gerhard ZWEIFEL – EN 16798-5-13 How to use the set of ventilation and cooling standards?

Video 7: Johann ZIRNGIBL – Synergies with linked EU projects: CEN-CE & ALDREN

Video 8: Andrea VOIGT – Benefits and challenges of the roll-out of EPB standards. Industry perspective.

Video 9: Claus HAENDEL – Ventilation related EPB standards and their contribution to deliver high IEQ

Video 10: Q&A

Source: CEN CE project (+ info)

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