On the 9th of April, a Webinar was organized by CSTB, the French Scientific and Technical Center for Buildings. The Webinar took the form of a “Université” which is like a Building Academy: lectures are given to researchers and scientists of CSTB from different fields of expertise to share up-to-date information and knowledge and discuss on specific topics. The latest “Université” was dedicated to the ALDREN project and 46 experts with different backgrounds (health and wellbeing, energy, environmental performance, economics) attended the Webinar. Download full presentation (in French).

The one-hour lecture provided by CSTB experts involved in the ALDREN project was followed by a questions and answers session. The fruitful exchanges focussed on health and well-being (ALDREN TAIL), the ALDREN EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and the ALDREN BRP (Building Renovation Passport) including the ALDREN renovation roadmap. Latest results and feedback from ALDREN pilot studies in Italy and France that have been recently finalized were also shared, highlighting key steps of ALDREN protocols.

Author and date: Johann Zirngibl, 23rd April 2020

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