On invitation of Jean-Eric FOURNIER, the Group Professionnel Environnement (où Développement Durable) (professional group environment (or sustainable development) of RICS France) met ALDREN. The aim of the meeting was to present what ALDREN could offer to RICS-F and to collect first feedbacks from RICS-F members.

RICS-F is the French chapter of RICS, the world’s leading professional body for qualifications and standards in land, property, infrastructure and construction. RICS-F members (portfolio managers, sustainable development directors, business development and quality) representing leading French and international global investor, property equities and building management companies attended the meeting.  These companies are among the key stakeholders of the ALDREN project.

The ALDREN consortium leader Mr Johann ZIRNGIBL and Mr Christophe GERARD, responsible for the ALDREN pilot phase, presented the different ALDREN holistic outcomes and the ALDREN ALLIANCE. The ALDREN objectives, setting up a common matrix on energy certification at European level, are in line with RICS which is working also on common matrix, definitions and tools (Example: the floor area definition developed by RICS and up taken in ALDREN).

The RICS-F members present at the meeting showed interest to participate to ALDREN pilot studies. Owners could share their building data (e.g. energy consumption) of offices and hotel heavy refurbishment projects (on going or recently completed)  and ALDREN will report its recommendations and ratings back.

Author, date: CSTB, 23th October 2018

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