The ALDREN project will participate to the SBE 19 conference “Resilient Built Environment for Sustainable Mediterranean Countries” next September 5th in Milan. The presentation titled “Long – Term Renovation Strategies, Energy Voluntary Certification Scheme and Building Renovation Passport: an overview on Energy Performance Certification tools for the European Building stock” will be given by Marta Maria Sesana (Politecnico di Milano and ALDREN partner) based on the publication written with Graziano Salvalai (POLIMI), Olivier Greslou (CSTB), Mathieu Rivallain (CSTB) and Johann Zirngibl (CSTB) .

The presentation will provide an overview on energy performance assessment and voluntary certificate procedures highlighting barriers and limits to their take up, but also the potential benefits to increase the energy renovation rate according to the EU legislations.

The ALDREN project and its outcomes are presented as one of the latest experiences of VCS and BRP development and application for non-residential buildings with the goal to increase the building renovation rate over a longer-term horizon, thereby significantly contributing to the European Union climate and energy targets.

SBE 19 conference: AGENDA (click here).

IOP Science, open access publication (click here).

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