The ALDREN team organized these visits to collect all the information that wasn´t submitted during the data collection period. Specifically, IVE staff visited the Flamingo Oasis hotel on May 6 and 13 and the Dynastic hotel on May 13 and 20, 2019. Both hotels are located on the coast of the Valencian region of Benidorm (Spain). The on-site visit procedure has been standardized for all hotels.

Everything starts studying and organizing the information gathered from all pilots, during the data collection process, related to energy consumption and systems, envelope characteristics, hosting and non-hosting functions, and financial information if applicable. To do so, a master sheet, excel file which collects all the descripting information, is created, and completed before visiting the building to have a better understanding of how the building works and make the meeting more productive.

Once the team arrives to the Hotel, the protocol is always the same. Project introduction to the direction board and technical systems management team. Presentation of all the parameters already delivered to run the ALDREN procedure and those which are still needed to elaborate a more accurate calculation and roadmap for the building renovation. During this discussion, the person in charge of the maintenance and building systems takes notes to provide the information still required.

Just after the meeting, a tour around the building to understand its layout and systems distribution takes place.  It is the best moment to ask specific questions about the systems current condition, operation and the measures taken for maintenance reasons. Count of elements like luminaires, fan coil units, etc. is essential at this point. The tour usually lasts around 2 or 3 hours, depending on the clarity of the information available before the meeting and the size of the building.

The next step is to locate the data loggers around the hotel common areas and rooms, although the ALDREN protocol for Health and Wellbeing focuses only on the last ones. On site measurements are performed for 8 days.

Before leaving the hotel, all the measurement equipment is set up according to the H&W protocol instructions and placed safely inside the rooms. The maintenance team is required to send all the information still in need during the next 8 days, which usually takes longer, and the data loggers pick up time is agreed for the week after the visit.

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